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Why Symmetry

We begin life with optimal posture and function (Picture A), which enables us to move effectively and efficiently in relation to gravity. Sedentary lifestyles, injuries, and "maladapted" movement patterns compromise our optimal posture (Pictures B and C). Symmetry refers to this as System Breakdown, and it leads to inconsistent function, creating chronic pain! Symmetry reverses this breakdown by immediately changing your alignment to co-exist effectively with gravity; most importantly, it gives you the power to heal yourself with an easy home-management program. Follow it and you'll create an active Pain-Free life forever!
Picture A Picture B Picture C

Symmetry specializes in identifying the cause of postural weakness or dysfunction. We then re-train the entire body system as a whole, restoring strength and balance to each muscle group. Based on your measurements, we select specific exercises from a database of over 270! Each exercise mimics the stimulus we no longer receive through our daily activities. This serves to "re-create" the neural pathways that our ancestors relied on; pathways allowing the brain to send correct signals to the muscles, telling them how to correctly hold and move bone. In addition, Symmetry restores strength and balance to these muscle groups so that when the brain transmits the correct signal, or instructions, to them, they have the physical ability to perform optimally.