For Practitioners

Symmetry Seminar Certification Brochure

&lduo;Patrick Mummy, creator of Symmetry and the Symmetry Core Seminar series, has developed a unique educational, well-structured and organized healing program. Based on measuring the body in three body planes, frontal, sagittal and transverse, the program explains how postural distortion can lead to musculoskeletal pain or impaired movement. Postural distortion is corrected by exercises that work agonist and antagonist muscle groups in order to align the body to homeostasis.[

I highly suggest the Symmetry program to all acupuncturists and any practitioner looking to enhance their practice, because the information learned is immediately applicable to your patients. Patrick Mummy delivers a clear and concise presentation with a humorous note; a true innovator and educator.&rduo;

-Matt Callison, M.A., L.Ac.