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It is with great pleasure that we offer you the Symmetry SEMINAR CERTIFICATION PROGRAM for practitioners only. The Symmetry seminars provides you a system of learning that will allow you to achieve progressive levels of aptitude, from the basic skills of learning a new system of postural evaluation, to the advanced ability for you to personally create corrective exercises for your clients’ home management success. We call it Alignment Restoration.

Symmetry, The Pain Relief Clinic, with offices in Sacramento and SanDiego, California, specializes in eliminating pain via Symmetry, and for 13 years Symmetry has helped thousands of people. Symmetry has now taught practitioners everywhere from Japan to Canada and across the U.S. who felt their practice would benefit by offering a proven system to enhance the long-term success of their clients. The Symmetry Seminar Series is CEU approved (56) for the California State Acupuncture Board,American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). This system is now available for you.

The Program

Symmetry masters the laws of physics as it pertains to the design and operation of the human musculoskeletal system. It does this by objectively measuring 21 skeletal landmarks around the 3 planes of motion using an advanced postural evaluation process, including Symmetry’s patented Postural Assessment Tool (P.A.T.) and online software program. This process targets specific intrinsic muscular imbalances and compensations that have developed over time and that are exacerbated by injuries and the lack of correct environmental stimuli.

Symmetry is composed of noninvasive, isometric postural strengthening/stretching positions (exercises), which are prescribed and sequenced in aspecific order according to the planar deviations shown by an individual.Each session a new prescription of exercises (“routine”) is introduced inorder to address the structural adaptations made in the body as a resultof the previous routine. As a client continues through this neuro muscularre-education process, a more appropriate motor pattern is established and permanent stabilization around the force of gravity is eventually achieved.By continual maintenance via the exercises, it is the attainment of this stability that results in the elimination of pain for the client.

Take Control

The Symmetry program offers you the tools to empower your clients with the knowledge and motivation to take control of their own pain. This system was specifically designed to decrease the absolute reliance placed onthe practitioner for pain management, and transfer the responsibility for permanent pain relief back in to the hands of the client.

As the practitioner, your expertise, combined with the tools of the Symmetry program, including the state-of-the-art, patented P.A.T. and online software program, will enable you to elevate your practice to new heights. By capitalizing on such a powerful synergy, it is Symmetry’s belief that you will achieve both professional and financial results far beyond your expectations.

Symmetry Seminar Explained

The Symmetry certification program is available to you in 3 levels. To achieve complete certification and the license necessary to use the online software program for routine generations, you must complete all 3 levels of Symmetry’s curriculum, Symmetry Core (Level 1) and Symmetry Complete(Level 2 and 3) - the final levels required for you to gain complete autonomyas a Symmetry practitioner. If your desire is to give yourself the opportunity to learn a new way of evaluating and monitoring postural misalignments in order to validate your own therapeutic expertise, then Level 1 is all you need!

The Symmetry program allows you to achieve the level of competence and autonomy that you desire without compromising the integrity of the Symmetry process. Descriptions of each of the 3 levels will follow.

Level 1: Symmetry Core

The focus of this seminar is to provide you with an objective system of measuring your clients in order to validate the outcomes of your treatment protocols. It will allow you to monitor specific alignment changes from session to session to demonstrate to your clients the effectiveness of your treatment. It will enable your client to understand the tangible changes in their structure as it relates to their pain relief.Specifics of the Symmetry Core seminar are as follows:

  • This seminar is a 16 hour course. It is an introductory course in which the etiology and methodology of Symmetry is explained, primarily focusing on the use of the Postural Assessment Tool (P.A.T.)
  • The first day will consist of explanation and demonstration of the Symmetry evaluation process, concluding on the second day by testing your skills and accuracy.
  • You will be given the option to access the Symmetry online software where we will demonstrate how to securely download and track your clients’ measurements and progress from session to session. You will also be able to review the evaluation process using the online videos demonstrating each measurement.

Level 2: Symmetry Complete

The objective of this seminar is to allow you to become more proficient in the procedure and protocols of Symmetry by learning over 200 exercises used in the Symmetry program. These exercises are the key to understanding how the body can functionally address and change specific misalignments shown by your clients, thus aiding in the decrease and elimination of chronic pain.Understanding the exercises will be key to comprehending the full process of routine generations designed to correct the years of compensations and dysfunctions a client obtains.
Specifics of the Symmetry Core Seminar are as follows:

  • This seminar is a 16 hour course (2 days) focusing on the explanation and learning of the Symmetry exercises. The first day will consist of explanation and demonstration of the Symmetry evaluation process, concluding on the second day by testing your skills and accuracy.
  • During the last two hours of this course, a Symmetry Therapist will demonstrate a complete session with one participant. It will include a full evaluation, demonstration and explanation of a routine and the effective changes one session can make

Level 2: Symmetry Complete (continued)

Upon Completion of the Level 2 Seminar:

  • You will be supplied with a training manual that includes a master set of all of the exercises to guide you through the course as well as aid you once you have completed the seminar, so as to master the exercises once on your own. Each exercise is broken down into 3 main categories:
    1. Full description of how each exercise is performed
    2. Primary planar function
    3. What specific misalignment each exercise corrects.
  • You will be given the option to log in to the Symmetry online software program, which will allow you a higher access level to review a video link of each exercise with full demonstration and voice-over explanation.

Level 3: Symmetry Complete

Symmetry Complete is where technology and profession meet. As a certified Symmetry practitioner you will have the ability to be self-sufficient in the Symmetry process; evaluating AND creating routines for your clients ON YOUR OWN. As a Symmetry practitioner you will have the opportunity to implement a unique methodology that has been proven effective in the elimination of chronic pain. Mastering Symmetry will completely augment your portfolio as a practitioner; enable you to enhance your roll as an educator and motivator to your clients; and allow you to serve as a knowledgeable expert in a field where alternatives to traditional treatments are a must!

By utilizing Symmetry you can explain to your clients or potential clients,in a matter of minutes, why they have experienced their pain and more importantly how they can take control themselves to rid their pain forever!Specifics of the Symmetry Complete seminar are as follows:

  • This seminar is a 24-hour (3 days) course focusing on the creation process of the Symmetry routines (i.e., how to select and sequence the exercises).

Level 3: Symmetry Complete Schedule

  • Day 1 will first be spent reviewing Level 1 and Level 2. Thereafter, the methodology and step-by-step process of creating a Symmetry routine will be explained.
  • Day 2 will be spent entirely practicing the steps to creating a routine using multiple examples of past client scenarios.
  • Day 3 will be spent using real client volunteers to evaluate, create and take through a Symmetry routine. You will be able to first-hand practice Symmetry as if you were on your own. You will be tested on your evaluation technique and accuracy, your routine creation quality, and your knowledge of the exercise implementation as you take a client through a routine, demonstrating to the class how, what and why you are doing each particular exercise.
  • You will be re-evaluated by your classmates at this time and given another individualized routine to take home yourself and experience.
  • The last two hours of this seminar will encompass the use of the online software program, as well as specific business review of how to effectively market and sell Symmetry to your clients, to ensure your success